[Beyond Dragon Age] Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Gungans


I continue my trolling of NewbieDM and his excellent Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion Dragon Age hack with a new background sure to be a favorite at everyone’s gaming table.

Perhaps next I should detail a Talent for “Shooting First” or some kind of mechanical benefit for simply yelling “NOOOOOOOOooooooo!”


Species of SW: Age of Rebellion


Art by Mike Vilardi

Progress is coming along quite nicely in my fan conversion of Star Wars for Dragon Age, “Age of Rebellion”, so I thought I would share the backgrounds I’ve put in the game.

They are really species, but they serve the same mechanical function as backgrounds do in the Dragon Age RPG.  Included in the game will be two different types of humans, Sullustan, Twi’lek, Rodian, and Wookie.

I am almost done writing set one, but I am playtesting my latest space combat design a bit more in depth before I release the conversion because I want to get it right.

So here they are, my backgrounds/species from Set 1 of Star Wars:  Age of Rebellion!

Download it here

[Beyond Dragon Age] Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – The Ewok

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It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy…and by galaxy, I mean NewbieDM‘s mind. This is article two of two in my attempt to make Newbie have an aneurysm and this one should do the trick (you can view the first article here).

You see, Newbie has been putting together a Star Wars hack of the AGE system and refuses to add Ewoks to the fold. Well, here is my attempt at bringing those adorable little cannibals to your table top.

Next: an Ewok Dark Jedi!


[Beyond Dragon Age] Age of Terror: Heroes of the North


As Diablo’s influence spread from beneath Tristram, heroes from throughout the world of Sanctuary traveled to confront the prime evil. Amongst those heroes were members of the northern cultures: druids and barbarians. Both of those character classes were introduced in Diablo 2 and its expansion, and the barbarian has made a return in Diablo 3.

The barbarian in Diablo is a master of melee combat with the ability to leap attack, spin in a whirlwind of sharpened steel, and unleash powerful war cries to alter the course of battle. For the AGE system, it seems to be a good match for a strength-focused warrior that eventually takes either the berserker or champion specialization. Those who take the berserker specialization focus more on personal might while the champion’s abilities could easily be described as a barbarian’s war cries.

Diablo’s druid is a class capable of casting elemental spells, summoning animal and plant allies, and changing form into either a werewolf or bear. The spellcasting ability means that a druid should be a mage, but there isn’t really support for summoning or shapeshifting in set 1 or set 2 for Dragon Age. Luckily, it looks like both of those will be covered to some degree in the upcoming set 3 based on the playtest.


[Beyond Dragon Age] Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion – The Wookie


Apparently Enrique has gotten inspired by the Force. What has been a bunch of notes for a while have suddenly begun to fly around as draft sections of a conversion document for Star Wars: AGE of Rebellion. We already saw The Scoundrel base class, and now Enrique shows us one of the iconic races of the Star Wars universe, the Wookie, as a background for heroic characters.

While this preview only shows the Wookie background, you can deduce a few things about Enrique’s approach to some of the Star Wars staples and how he intends to deal with those in his conversion (Force sensitivity, I’m looking at you). The background is versatile enough that it can yield good old Chewbacca (Wookie soldier) as well as a variety of Wookie archetypes.


The Secret to Background Creation

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Do you enjoy the Dragon Age RPG? Wish you could invent your own Backgrounds? Do you think this is a short introductory paragraph? WHO CARES!? Here is my official “How To” on creating your own Backgrounds. More

[Beyond Dragon Age] AGE of Terror: Spell Schools & Sorceress Background


In my last post, I gave an overview of the changes I was planning to make to Dragon Age’s magic system in order to make it a better fit for Diablo’s setting. This post is meant to give more of the mechanics to support those changes: talents for the new schools of magic and a background for Diablo 2′s Sorceress character.

New Talents

Arcane Magic

Classes: Mage.

Requirement: You must have the Magic (Arcane) focus.

You have mastered the manipulation of raw arcane energy.

Novice: You can sense the presence of magic, such as lingering enchantments and magical items, within 3 yards of you as a minor action. This sense generally does not allow you to know the effects of the magical aura.

Journeyman: When you cast an Arcane spell, its cost in mana points is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. You also gain one new Arcane spell.

Master: Your mastery of raw arcane energy allows you to regenerate mana much faster than other mages. When you roll to regain mana points, you can choose to re-roll the dice but must keep the results of the second roll. You also gain one new Arcane spell.

Death Magic

Classes: Mage.

Requirement: You must have the Magic (Death) focus.

You have learned to harness the power of death, decay, and poison.

Novice: You may channel latent necromantic energy into an armor of phantasmal bone without spending mana points. This requires a minor action and gives you an armor rating of 2 until the beginning of your next turn.

Journeyman: When you cast a Death spell, its cost in mana points is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. You also gain one new Death spell.

Master: The miasma of death and decay surrounding you weakens those who would attack you. Opponents making a melee attack against you suffer a -1 penalty to Strength. You also gain one new Death spell.


[Beyond Dragon Age] AGE of Terror: Magic


The way that magic works in the world of Sanctuary has changed between the various Diablo games. In the original game, characters of any class could learn and cast the same spells. In Diablo II and Diablo III, that system is replaced by giving each class a progression of spells (or skills that cost mana) that are unique to the class. Because the computer games have freely altered the spellcasting systems, there really isn’t a canonical mechanic to spellcasting in the setting other than that it should consume a rechargeable resource such as mana.

For AGE of Terror, I plan to leave the Dragon Age RPG magic system largely intact in order to minimize the amount of work needed for the conversion. The existing system is already a mana-based spellcasting system that even includes mana potions (well, lyrium potions).

The one major change that I will be making is a re-working of the schools of magic. The Dragon Age RPG divides spells into several schools: creation, entropy, primal, and spirit. While those may work well for a game set in Thedas, that division of magic doesn’t have any resonance with the lore of Diablo. Based on the spellcasting classes in the computer games, an alternate division of magic spells seems necessary. Towards that end, I’ve created a new set of schools that can be used for AGE of Terror: arcane, death, elemental, hex, holy, and nature. A given mage will only have access to spells from a few of the schools based on their background, and any spells from other schools cannot be learned or cast by that mage.


[Beyond Dragon Age] AGE of Terror: Diablo with the AGE System


As much as I enjoy the Dragon Age RPG and the AGE system, I’ve actually never played the video games and don’t have any particular interest in the Dragon Age setting. There is a computer game with a dark theme, though, that I’d love to use as inspiration for an AGE system campaign: Diablo.

Like Dragon Age, Diablo is set in a dark and dangerous world. The influence of the three Prime Evils is spreading throughout the world, with both civilization and nature being corrupted by their presence. Demons, undead, and foul beasts prowl in the wilderness and ancient ruins while corrupted priests and zealots roam city streets. Heroes must rise from throughout the world to confront the growing evil or all will be lost.

Because I feel that the Diablo setting is such a great fit for the AGE system, I’ve started writing conversions of material from the video games. I’m planning to translate each of the character classes from the computer games into a background option, as well as converting spells and monsters for use with the AGE system. I’m planning to share my progress here by posting new conversions at least once a month.

First up, backgrounds for two of the character classes from Diablo I – the Warrior and the Rogue.


Dragon Hack: High Fantasy Adventures for AGE


Ready for some over the top, high-fantasy adventure? Thanks to an earlier post here by Daniel Perez, some of you know that I’ve been building a sort of Pathfinder conversion for the Dragon Age game over on my own blog at joshjarman.net. I say Pathfinder because that seems to be the most popular fantasy game available right now that’s built on the old d20 System Reference Document engine. But the point of my little side project is really only to port the race and class paradigm most gamers are familiar with from that and similar games over to the Dragon Age system, resulting in a project I called Dragon Hack. Whether I call it a Pathfinder, 3.5 conversion, or something else entirely, isn’t important. What is important is it gives players who are hesitant to play a game without a variety of customizable race and class choices an option to do so while playing the AGE system by Green Ronin.


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